The Mindset of an Abundant Deliberate Creator

By Valerie Dawson, Founder of The Dawson Method

Long-standing financial struggle can often spark an underlying belief that we donít deserve more than we currently have, as well as convince us that it is impossible to improve our circumstances. Over time hopelessness, defeat and resignation become our dominant thoughts and our dreams of success and abundance slowly start to fade from our minds.

Making a decision to become a deliberate creator requires us to stand up and fight for what we want, whether it be more money, freedom, opportunities, or simply happiness.

The most important parts of taking a stand are to develop an unwavering belief that we deserve better and set forth a strong intention to have it. Interestingly, just the act of doing these simple things is often what begins drawing more opportunities for change into our lives.

Believing in the Possibilities

However, in order to allow better circumstances, we must be willing to expand our perception of possibilities. Many of us have a chronic habit of thinking small and limiting ourselves at every turn.

We can easily come up with a thousand reasons why we canít do something, why we canít become successful like so-and-so, and why weíll probably never achieve what we really want so we may as well settle for what we can get.

What if we stopped all the self-limiting jargon and began to stretch our minds to what is really possible? What if we dared to dream bigger and set goals that to other people would seem impossible? The funny thing about mind-set is that it usually determines our destination. Dream big, win big; limit ourselves, get limited results. It really is up to us what we achieve, based on our perception of whether or not it is possible.

Seeing the Big Picture

Too often we hold back on pursuing our dreams because we canít figure out how the whole process will unfold. We know where we want to end up but canít see the journey fully so we hang back and do nothing, allowing anxiety to erode our confidence and motivation.

Refusing to take any action at all just because some parts of the plan are unclear is like refusing to hike along a beautiful forest trail because we canít see what lies around the next bend. We think we are wisely avoiding pitfalls Ė but all weíre really doing is denying ourselves the joy of discovery.

If we instead just relax and enjoy moving forward, we usually discover that the pathway before us continues to get clearer with every step we take.

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