Attracting Success with the Law of Attraction

By Valerie Dawson, Founder of The Dawson Method

For most of us, our level of success will depend on the number of lives we are able to enhance. If we contribute little, we will receive little; contribute plenty, receive plenty.

Touching millions of lives may seem like an impossible dream, but we must remember that it does not have to be accomplished in one day. Imagine instead touching a handful of lives every day for the rest of your life, or creating something wonderful that begins to take on a life of its own and spread around the world, inspiring and empowering millions of people to do even more good in the world. These possibilities and more are highly probable if you simply do what you love and reach out as best you can.

Doing work we love can make this process seem effortless and create a ripple effect that attracts the very things we need in order to become more and more successful. When we love what we do, we also tend to inject excellence into our every task. Putting our heart and soul into everything we do cannot help but attract amazing things back to us.

And if we should encounter obstacles or challenges along the way, we should be thankful for them. As much as we think we would like to remove all difficult or troublesome circumstances from our lives, we must remember that these are some of the most fertile periods we will ever experience. It is during moments of intense fear or frustration that we often receive the best ideas for creating much more beneficial circumstances.

To better demonstrate this concept, ask yourself this: If you already had everything you wanted and tons of money in the bank, how motivated would you be to improve your life or create a positive difference in the world? For most of us, the answer would be, “Not very motivated.”

The truth is, we need challenges to stimulate our minds, to push us to higher and higher levels of achievement, and that is when true wealth begins to flow in.

Even better, if we have a clear plan in place, we will also be more motivated to stick to it. Most of us would never attempt to take a road trip without a map that details the route to our destination – but yet we think nothing of approaching our goals in such a haphazard way. We don’t always do it purposely; we simply don’t know the exact steps we will need to take because so much of our plan is still unformed. 

However, if we simply create a written plan that includes at least a few steps we can take to get started; or even a few things we can research further, more of the plan will usually come clear as we go. We then enter into a wonderful process of continuous unfolding, taking the steps we know how to take, and allowing ourselves to be led to the next phase of the journey.

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